Racing Results
East Coast Saloon Championship
East Coast Saloon Championship
Saturday 30 March 2013
Meeanee Speedway
East Coast Saloon Championship
Heat 1 G7 Steve Williams 3rd
Heat 2 G17 Steve Williams 7th
Heat 3 G8 Steve Williams 3rd
Overall Championship
1st 272M Chris Cowling 57pts
2nd 2NZ Steve Cowling 55pts
3rd 21H Steve Williams 53pts
East Coast Super Saloon Championship
Heat 1 G13 Steve Williams 10th
Heat 2 G4 Steve Williams 3rd
Heat 3 G10 Steve Williams 8th
Overall Championship
1st 1NZ Mark Osborne
2nd 2NZ Ian Burson
3rd 6B Grant Flynn
96A Lance Jennings
5th 21H Steve Williams
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